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om you really should look at my Sig... I have been playing this game since Beta not that it matters much now.... and from my point of view (and I play Characters on BOTH factions) all I have seen is the Fed players complaining about the disparity between the two factions ships.... I was attempting to be funny and it failed nothing more... but seriously maybe the Galaxy does need a bit of a turn buff but by that same token so would the Nebula and any other fed cruiser out there... just cause a KDF Cruiser and lets face it in reality the KDF only have one End Game cruiser which does not cost z-points where as the Feds have what like 3 ? try using a different cruiser instead or maybe mess with your console layout experiment I see plenty of people that can get the galaxy to turn.... just as I see many Negh'Vars that cant turn any better... seriously you might want to address your build and tactics.... "MOST" ships have different characteristics that will require a different way of playing WITH those particular ships.....

and as for the KDF is better I dont see it when most of the GOOD KDF toys are now available to the Feds dont believe me ?

does Theta Radiation Vents, Isometric Charge, Subspace Console, Gravometric Pulse Consoles ring any bells ? no then lets talk about the Atrox... a Carrier then we can add the Armatage the KDF has NOTHING in the Class of an Armatage....

the above link is WHY I will always try to remind people that the feds more times than not ALWAYS get the best of everything while the KDF as per the usual has to make due with what they have...
Dude, the stats don't lie. If you have characters in both factions then get a Negh'Var and a Galaxy and compare base stats and stats after skill boost. That what i did, and that is why I made this thread because there is no good reason why the Galaxy can't turn like the Negh'Var.