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Canon is just a guidline from where to start. The Devs have made ships fit their own likes and not let the player have a say in it. Thats where many fans are not happy. I think you have your Star Trek games mixed up. There are no Galaxy Class in Star Trek Armada I, the were in Armada II and ships are not customizable just upgraded. Those torpedos are orange photon torpedos. Only in Starfleet Command III, ships are customizable with weapons, shields, and warp cores. You was just limited to how many weapons were allowed to be put on certain ships. That game is the closest to canon out of all the Star Trek games. The performence of the ship was based on the experience of your crew instead of pormance coming from factory specs. I miss that game.

In this game, in the name of balance they so called cripple one type of ship to let another fit a role. They have gotten carried away with it. Now we have nerfed torpedos, overpowered cannons, and indefensible science abilities. We have one group of ships dominating all the others. Would you say thats balance?

"Once and Again" first mission in ST Armada I in the "Omega" series of missions, Ambassador's Spock Galaxy is the critical mission ship, 2 more show up in "A Line in the Sand".. additionally you can also have it added to your Adv. Shipyard with a mod. Armada II your quite correct was Galaxy with Photons.

As far as balance goes.. We all have a different perceptions of balance, and no one is ever going to be completely satisfied with any type of balancing act. In my opinion is it balanced? No, but its not absurd. And if they change it? Well everyone is just going to find that "perfect" build yet again, say everything else is a useless class/ability, and repeat this process all over again. Additionally adding this layer of complexity with torp. spread restrictions as just an example is just going to confuse those having to plot out yet another layer of what does what on what type charts detracting from its appeal as a simpler game than others to pick up and play. I wouldn't mind the extra complexity personally but others would.
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