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10-30-2012, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
I've had stubborn players not believe Donatra decloaks at <5km when you have threat and she has at least 1 downed shield facing, and continued to making strafing runs at her even though she'd cloak every time!

Why should they believe you or care at that point?

I dont believe that tale because I never heard it before until I returned somewhere in the last month and I left in May/June due to technical problems, I dont believe they programed her AI to act in such a way since there is really no point.

They dont have any reason to believe some random stranger that says "do X" because we all seen our share of Infected Space Trolls, some that I believe belong to the "distinguished membership" of the Elitists STFers since I cannot understand why would someone deliberate sabotage something were they have something to gain at.

And before that we had the wonderful advice in CE about the usage of mines, until Cryptic pretty much shut down the whole thing (that is what I suspect why some people are sabotaging Infected Space) so I am sorry but if people ignore you advice does not mean you are right, especially about that so called "5Km rule".