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DHC vorcha R

the vorcha is a great cruiser to use tactically, and with a few turn consoles can sufficiently make use of narrow arc escort weapons.

4 DHC, 4 turrets


EPtW1, EPtS2, EWP1, AtS3
EPtW1, EPtS2, RSP2

TB1, HE2

station power long form here


borg deflector
borg engine
KHG shield


3 RCS, 1 neutronium

borg, field projector

3 energy type consoles


evasive maneuvers cooldown reducing conn doffs, shield distribution doffs

the vorcha has limited tactical stations compared to an actual escort, but it has other tricks up its sleeves. your objective should be to stop your opponent movement before launching a full attack, you cant dog fight with nimble escorts otherwise. this should devastate slower targets as well. an EWP cloud is a good snare to trap any attackers nipping at your heals. using the tractor beam before or after can set someone up to be successfully trapped in plasma, or grab someone who is about to escape from the cloud. an imoble target has a very low or negative evasion score, as a result your shots will deal more damage, and score critical hits more often.
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