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10-30-2012, 01:43 AM
while i don't see any reason to change how torpedos work currently, i would have loved to see torpedos as a sort of commodity.

every ship had 1-2 torpedo launchers build in, and you fire torpedos until you run out of them.
lets say a cruiser then had a complement of around 1000 torpedos onboard. and the type is determend by your choice. lets say you have 500 photons and 500 quantum. In combat you have the ability to switch between torpedo types...until you run out.

lets say cruisers and sci vessels had launchers front and aft, while the standard escort had one only in front.
an escort only has a compliment of 500, while a sci had 750 and a cruiser 1000.
something like the device slots...cruisers have 4 slots with 250 per stack, sci 3, etc.

standard common torpedos could be bought from npcs, while rare and very rare were crafted and/or via doff missions aquired.

that is, i hope we all can agree, actually canon since running out of torpedos happend several times during the shows. Also it would give cruisers and sci vessel a slight, still balanced edge towards escorts, because they have more heavy weaponry aboard, and still carry 8 beams.

But again, this is just an idea, i'm not unhappy with the current system.

*edit: i also want to add, that maybe the launcher is a sepperate slot in the ship inventory, like hangars for instance. And launchers can be put in, to maybe increase recharge time or certain types, or base yield, or flying speed.
Rapid launchers as an example: fire 2 torpedos at a time.
or efficent launcher: only uses half torpedo per shot.
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