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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
My only solid input is that I think 3 Engineering console slots are too much and 2 Tactical console slots are not enough for a Klingon vessel. I'd swap them around. Scout ships are still basically tactical in nature, even if they might have a sensor/science focus.

Engineering consoles are needed on "Stand and Fight" ships, whereas this one would clearly be more in the "Hit and Run" category. 3 Engineering consoles along with a Lt Engineer makes this ship too tanky for what it should be.
MHH, maybe you're right.
However my thought on it were that this ship would be in operation on long distance operations away from the empire so it would have to last a long time to return home with its information.

Not sure there is a better way to adequately represent this in STO.
But you may be right since its science consoles at least allow it to pack decent shielding to run away before enemy fire can reach the hull.