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10-30-2012, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by dragonjaden View Post
So I can install this on my portable HDD from the files.... instead of on my C drive. The reason I'm asking this is 1. I want to be able to execute the program from my portable HDD 2. Having it on my C drive was causing massive process over load. Freezing everything up.

So as long as I can run this from my portable with no issue. Golden. Also I'm hoping I don't lose everything i've worked for by uninstalling the game.
You can install Star Trek Online on any hard drive that the OS you are useing can read/write from. Puting it on another hard drive will not affect your CPU and it will still be the same process, but puting Star Trek Online on a faster drive then your C drive may give a higher speed of the game.
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