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Originally Posted by kingofsandbox View Post
who says I don't post on that forum?

I'm writing because I'm fetching and fishing for people to come over. This game doesn't deserve the kind of love and care we have sunk into it over these last few years. And frankly at this point neither does most of the player base we tried to help improve at the game either.

Also, frankly there's no point in any of us giving these losers feedback. They don't listen and they don't care anyway. You see the crap that's on tribble right now right?? Tell me -any- of that garbage says "we listened to you guys".
These changes appear to only improve those that are willing to do scores of grinding and PVE related content. It was kind of good run, but frankly, the game has consistently went downhill since S3. I won't say I'll leave the game outright, but I don't have the time or energy to work on this new method of conning people out of the little resources they get from the game and potentially RL cash for a game that has no interest in improving the only aspect I enjoy.

It's the same garbage as the fleet shipyard crap. KDF has **** ships as is, so hey, let's add a ridiculous grind/resource grind so that player base, that has been f-ed-in-the-a since launch, can finally get comparable escorts to the feds, but still not ... It's been real fun.

This new grind is on a pure character basis now, (much like the fleet ship purchases,) thus making it impossible for someone with multiple characters (say 11,) to reasonably grind this new system. That would, effectively, ruin the fun of having multiple characters.

To end, time will tell, but I don't really see anything good coming from these changes.
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