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Originally Posted by sirsri View Post
As long as the a group manages about 15k dps total all of the stf's are doable. If you're all in cruisers with crappy mk x white gear that's probably impossible, but one or two players doing 6k dps and a couple of other warm bodies at the keyboard can make it happen, and then people will get gear.

Though generally I would think mk xi purple weapons at least would be polite for elites. You don't really want to be 'that guy' who did 1k dps.

The big thing seems to be knowing how players do the missions (not necessarily how the quest objectives tell you to do them, but how to actually execute that) and if you're willing to pay attention all of them can be explained in about 4 sentences each.
Sorry but my Klingon Tac in his Qin heavy Raptor did 4k DPS with white DHC's and an MKVIII Harph'peng in ISE. Oh and 40.000Skillpoints aren't yet distributed ;-)

You don't need fancy stuff in ISE if the team knows cross-healing, getting under the Cubes, 10% rule. You will get optional all the time :-)

Elite STF's are so easy that you don't need much to succeed and still there so many fails