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10-30-2012, 04:20 AM
Guys, guys, calm down... I've been watching this for a while (it's been quite amusing) anyway, I feel I can finally add something to this.

I must admit I still think escorts are a tad too powerful in PvE, though a little less so since I got my cruiser build refined (thanks to those who helped) , the free and C-store ones aren't overpowered in PvP though (it's only the lockbox ones that fit that category).

However, back to the point of the thread, torpedoes... I think they are a little underwhelming, especially when you compare them to the NPC ones (borg to be precise, every other NPC torp is level with players), I think they could do with a potency boost, more on cruiser than escorts (not because of an anti-escort bias, they have the slots to spare to power torps up which cruisers don't) as it is most cruisers lack any incentive to use them, why sacrifice beam DPS to get a med damage hit?

Torpedo spreads are so ridiculously weak vs borg So that could probably use a buff considering I get more damage from 1 torp than from a spread.

As for NPCs... I think they should be given player capabilities, why should an NPC negh'var for example have twice the firepower of the player one? Or more health than the player one? Why not put the borg set on all borg ships (it seems logical to me...) it wouldn't stand up to 3 players battering it anyway, give NPCs the same weapon layout as their player equivalent and have them affected by the same power drain as players (again, seems only fair to me). I think we do need to lose the double standards between players and NPCs

And now I'm done *Grabs some snacks and watches *

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