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10-30-2012, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by loecleader View Post
Normally I have no real conflict with how Cryptic choose to manage their MMO; however, this evening I was able to check out the upcoming Reputation System and noticed that many of the projects are similar to the Fleet Starbase and Fleet Embassy, yet on a smaller scale (i.e., dilithium, expertise, commodities, etc.). How are smaller fleets supposed to manage multiple fleet holdings while pursuing their own projects under the Reputation System? I see a future where selfless (i.e, fleet and community) and selfish (i.e., personal) interests continually compete and resources are increasingly scarce.

This isn't a post condemning either selfless or selfish actions, this is a post condemning the fact that a player in a fleet, particularly a small fleet, should ever have to be put in a position to make that decision. The impact of the Reputation System will most likely be negligible, while small fleets will most likely see a drop in contributions to Fleet Starbase and/or Embassy Holdings.

Are there others out there who think this will eventually become a problem? I could be dissuaded to think otherwise, but it is worth having a conversation about.

For a small fleet is really hard having a tier 4 or tier 5 base, I stopped building it... too many dilithium, so much that is better buying zen points at the exchange and then items from the zen store. And if to play I will have to pay much more the a lts or a recurring subscription, then I will find something else to play. paying a subscription (and sometime one or more items) to play is ok (actually I am a recurring subscriber), I do not expect PW work for the glory, but also I do not expect to become a cow to take milk from...