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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
As I understand it 2.5% chance for bonus Kinetic damage with the Kinetic damage having 100% shied pen. Base damage does not turn into Kinetic or get 100% shield pen and the Kinetic damage is tiny (m my numbers showed at around 30damage per proc). So it is kind of like a Plasma proc to hull only not DoT.

The one that worrys me is over 1k shield hitpoints every 6seconds. So that is 666.6dps you can tank without factoring in resistance. EDIT: then add the one that makes 50% of crit hits heal you!
that kinetic damage can be speced. we see what happends with phasers being 2.5%

a good example is my fleet defaint with no rsp or even tss2( only sheild heal atm is brace for impact and borg proc) can solo a doc killing all npc and cube with out dieing. i dont even need the extra sheild hp per sec. tho that might be a better choice for a person that only grinds stf. the dem and plasice passives will not help you in stf but would be uber in pvp.