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10-30-2012, 04:54 AM
npc's are npc's...they are not bound to rules that apply to players.
but lets say a negh'var has the abilities a player would have...

going fast, over 50% dodge or even evasive
RSP...invul for a few seconds
EPtS, TSS...oh yeah, shield healing npcs...welcome to minutelong battles against freaking npc ships.
HE, AUXtoSIF...i don't see how they can be taken down

actually i'm not entirely against much stronger NPC's, if they are is actually laughable how many ships get blown up in only a single battle.
stronger, but fewer npcs would make the game less casual friendly and kind of boring but more canon ofcourse.
And there we have it again...canonic gameplay is untranslateable into an MMO.
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