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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
npc's are npc's...they are not bound to rules that apply to players.
but lets say a negh'var has the abilities a player would have...

going fast, over 50% dodge or even evasive
RSP...invul for a few seconds
EPtS, TSS...oh yeah, shield healing npcs...welcome to minutelong battles against freaking npc ships.
HE, AUXtoSIF...i don't see how they can be taken down
I can see your point there but if you then look at the fact they are going to be fired on by at least 2 players sometimes even 3 and suddenly the only ability that has any effect in that battle is RSP, that and they'd be limited to the rest of the rules players have to live by: Shields, hull, resistances, power drain, etc. suddenly it seems more fair does it not?

I don't MIND NPCs that are more powerful than players (in multiplayer maps, mainly the borg) but That should be moderated... 1 shot escort kills is wrong (coming from a firm cruiser fan) I think it silly that an NPC should be able to put 200k plus damage on a target in 1 hit (through full shields)... the only thing in the game that can withstand that is... oh, an NPC... an enemy NPC at that.

That needs to change, NPC damage should be reasonable, yes the borg should do more damage than us, they have better power systems and they've assimilated more advanced races but they don't one shot everything in the shows (even with fleets of redshirt ships around) so why do that in game? (No I'm not talking canon, I'm talking reason, you can't reason 1 shotting all 5 members of a team) yes I think the borg should be hard, yes I think they should be nasty but I don't think they should 1 shot you.