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10-30-2012, 05:49 AM
what i forgot to mention is that cryptic has failed to provide an AI that could actually use abilities intelligently. Mostly it seems they use abilities in a scripted way regardless of the targets status.
I think that is mainly the reason why npc ships have those exagurated abilities.
As a improvement of the general AI is out of discussion now and in the foreseeable future, nothing is going to change.

also this one shot torpedo that is mentioned so frequently is a type of npc attack not uncommon to RPGs or MMOs.
It is an avoidable attack in general (except the invis torpedo, but thats a problem cryptic is aware and is struggling to solve) and to be honest requires some skill to deal with.
I compare it with the charge of butcher in diablo 3, it is clearly visible and requires the player to stop what ever he is doing and react to avoid it, sound familiar?
Same goes with the torpedo spread from donatra or the Stadi...both are clearly visible (buffs of the boss and the swarm of torpedos coming at you) and can be survived if you fire a shield resi buff, hull resi buff and brace for impact.

i mean the isometric charge from those negh'vars is a little over the top, since it is purely bad luck if you get hit last. And it's range is unbelievable, since the bounce is something like 5km in range. that means if you have a bad day it will hit you if you are around 20km away from it, if the ships inbetween are spread correctly.
It is also unpredictable and basically instant, which makes any countermeasure impossible. That is bad gamedesign, and i'm sure cryptic is aware of it and also struggling to moderate it into something less deadly.
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