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10-30-2012, 05:51 AM
Bridge officer layout: Tac - TT1, TT1, TSS:E1, TSS:E2, APD1, CRF2, CRF2, APO3. Eng - EPtS1, EPtS2 or AtS1 or RSP1. Sci - HE1, TSS2.

Duty officers: run 2x Conn Officers (the ones which reduce the cooldown of Attack Patterns), 3x Shield Distribution Officers.

Weapons: if possible, try to upgrade to Acc x3 weapons. 4x Tetryon DHCs, 2x Tetryon Turret, 1x Tetryon BA (for subsystem targeting).

Equipment: offensive - Omega Deflector, Omega Engine, MACO Shield. Defensive - Borg Deflector, Borg Engine, MACO Shield.

Consoles: Eng - EPS (if you adjust power levels, which, really, everybody should be doing), Neutronium, Cloak (optional - personally, I don't like using up a console slot for cloak since it only helps your initial attack for several seconds and won't be useful again until you die and re-enter the area) or RCS. Sci - Borg Module, Field Generator. Tac - 5x Tetryon Pulse Generator.

Devices: Auxiliary Battery and Subspace Field Modulator (or Red Matter Capacitor if you have it which will last 28.5 seconds with 6 points in batteries). Pop the aux battery before using aux-based heals (such as TSS, HE and BFI shield heal proc). If your aux batt is unavailable, this is where the EPS console comes in handy and you can quickly switch to a full-aux preset.

EDIT: @age03 who first replied to this thread. Sorry if I sound rude, but that is an absolutely horrible spec and BOff layout... I hope nobody uses that for advice.

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