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10-30-2012, 07:07 AM
Have to admit that this does seem like a step backward.

Though I do see the logic in the Dev's trying to get us to play instances that we perhaps wouldn't usually, I am far more liable to join a queue for KSE (for example) over ISE if the queue for KSE is four and the queue for ISE is one.

To be honest, it's arguable whether they can even be considered 'queues' anymore. Definition of queue: " A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed". Since we don't know if there is anyone else waiting, calling it a queue is somewhat inaccurate.
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Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.

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