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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
what i forgot to mention is that cryptic has failed to provide an AI that could actually use abilities intelligently. Mostly it seems they use abilities in a scripted way regardless of the targets status.
This is true, enemies in 1998 (see FF7) were coded better (I've seen the code for some of them), even I could have coded that and I have near no programming exp.

Regrettably a change in the AI is probably out of the question, I find it silly given the coding for FF7 was done with IF AND statements. If a programming noob could program that then I think a team of experts could make it happen and improve upon it,

But again, I think we are in agreement on that subject.

With regard to the 1 shots, I have the problem in my cruiser that they fire 1 off which I counter with EWP then it waits for the warp plasma to disappear and then hits me with another while my defense is on CD, if that one fails (FAW) then I get an invisi-torp a few seconds later my escort has the problem that should I evade the first, take out/evade the second then it does the same thing and my science just dies from the first or second one without fail.

I'm glad to read that they are working on it.

I'm not going to say anything more about the ISO