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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
The Negh'Var is slightly larger the the Galaxy Class and have relatively same mass in over 4 million metric tons. How does it out turn the Galaxy in this game? When I read Memory Alpha, it doesn't mention anything about it being a very manuverable ship, and in reading Memory Beta its says the Negh'Var's design "was a significant departure from "traditional" Klingon designs which favored swift, agile vessels, instead offering heavy firepower and pure brute strength." Thats from canon sources, so why is the Galaxy turning slower than the Negh'Var in this game? I have a KDF character that flies a Negh'Var. He has the same moderate level engine performance on skill tree as my Fed character that flies a Galaxy. My Negh'Var only have a VIII Combat Impulse engine that adds 13.9 flight speed and .33 turn rate. After all that, it has a 14.2 turn rate, flight speed of 18.86, and 25 inertia. My Galaxy has a Jem'Hadar Combat Impulse engine that adds 16.4 flight speed and .18 turn rate. In the end, the overal flight speed is 21.56, turn rate 8.9, and 25 inertia.
The base turn rate on the Negh'Var is 9 while the base turn rate of the Galaxy is 6. Do you see something wrong here? Do I smell bais? If there is no canon facts to back up the Devs' action as to why they crippled the Galaxy over another equal capital ship, then they have run out of excuses and it is time for them to correct that bais mistake. Its time for them to fix the Galaxy's base turn rate and put it at 9 just like the KDF's Negh'Var.
Apparently the Klingons have always had better impulse engine technology than the Federation according to canon - which would be a logicial fit with the Klingon historical doctrine of making fast manouverable ships designed to fairly single-mindedly blow things up.

Having ships with identical capabilities and different skins is not good for diversity - everyone who plays can choose to use whichever ships/classes/faction they like on each character without penalty to their other characters - if you don't want to fly a ship with really bad turn rate, then choose something else with better turn rate. Try reading the cruiser thread in the PvP section, I've been trying some of their ideas on a mirror star cruiser I picked up for chump change on the exchange - and I have to say that space whales can be suprisingly effective and fun if you build them correctly.