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Originally Posted by harrymonkley View Post
Apparently the Klingons have always had better impulse engine technology than the Federation according to canon - which would be a logicial fit with the Klingon historical doctrine of making fast manouverable ships designed to fairly single-mindedly blow things up.

This^^^. The Devs gave nod to that canon fact by giving the KDF better turnrates, Cannon usage, usually slightly higher hull but lower shielding and warp capabilities.
I looked at the MEM/Alpha description and while I saw nothing to say the NEgh is slow and ponderous, I did find the adjectives "Quick and powerful" used to describe it.

I say the feds need to be happy thats as far as the Devs went with honoring soft canon for the Negh'vhar.
The Negh'vhar was reputed in soft canon to be built with so much armor plating that it acted as a second set of shields in combat. Boy wouldn't that ruffle some fed underwear.
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