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10-30-2012, 08:18 AM
Give up.
Cryptic has thoruroughly proven that it loves escorts and has no regard for balance AT All.

Crusiers will forever be the third wheel i nthis game and never get their due.

The whole SNB thing has grown into ludicrous proportions and its amazing that NOTHING has been done about that stupid op power.

Cruisers and engineers are useless. Escorts aleeady pack more tank than cruisers - thanks to pattern omega (which is a defense super buff), inhate ridiculous defense, their buffed hull value (which in game numbers is basically one cannon volley off crusiers hull value) and with the added defenses they got over time (hp buff, defense overhaul, reworking of tac team, release of new shi pwith acces to more tanking powers) and their still insanely overinflated firepower (something that ruins the game for everyone else) on top of that its difficult to make an argument for any ship class besides perhaps science (for the troll pwoers).

Add int othat the snb crap which outright negates anything a cruiser has going for it and its easy to see why this is is Escort space, not star trek.

First step to fixing cruisers would be to actually give the ma buff to the standard shield distribution function:

- works automatically (perma tac team, basically), meanign the lumbering brick cruiser will always present its full defensive power to the attackers
- inhate resistance to weapon power drain from firing weapons
- all torpedoes fire in volley of 4, torpedo powers multiply that amount by their value (ie HY will get you 8 torps flung at the target, basically cruisers will vomit torps like noones business), torpedo launcher colldowns are doubled.

second step:
- SNB strips only the highest level power on the first appliacation and then 2 more over the course of 15 seconds. SNB applies a resistance to further SNB effects while its running on the target.

Third step:

- Do not nerf escorts. rather use them as the new baseline and bring the other ships up to their level.

The trinity is nice for rpg's, but has no place in a star trek ip. Stop adhering to it.

All ships should be able to dish out damage - albeit via different means. Crusiers will use beam arrays and banks and vomit up a veritable hurricane of torpedoes, escorts beat your face in with brute force cannon attack, sci ships debilitate your defenses and muerder you with a combination of weapons and negative space wedgies.
All ships should be surive - via different tweaks. Cruisers get the brute force bulk approach to tanking, escorts the agile appraoch to damage prevention and sci ships prefer to lock you down and diminish your capabilites.

This trinity thing has doen so much damage to this game already, quit using it. it does not work. it frustrates people to no end to see the posterchilds of star trek be useless hulks of hitpoints.

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