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10-30-2012, 07:24 AM
I will add too calling for more content and less mini game nonsense.

I for one don't want kill x number of y beasts missions, true, but niether do I want "collect x number of y particle scans."

There are no dilithium rewards to be had on this planet, nor does there seem to be actual gear drops at anytime. A lot of the missions reward you with expertise and experience as if it wasn't meant to be an end-game activity.

Endgame should always award new gear, dilithium, fleet marks, or marks relevant to the event. Leaving those kinds of drops out of the rotation for the most part on Romulas means a lot of people will come here once, say o ok, It's pretty... and walk out... going back to grinding STF and dailies.

It's kinda frustrating to see developers who I know are capable of creating an end-game getting this so frustratingly wrong. We don't want collect, kill or any other annoyingly repeat missions. The Deferi zones were good mixes, but heavy on the whiny NPCs.

Now we have strong independant NPCs who still can't do some basic computations on a tricorder. I play this game for fun, not to do a fictional character's job for him...