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Originally Posted by eisenw0lf View Post
Only Klingon Elite Fleet Weapons get the [SDISRUPT] mod. If you want to have them as a fed, you need to get invited to a klingon starbase und bring the needed ressources and provisions.

But don't get your hopes up, I found out that there are lots of people from both factions out there who are immediatly switching to rage-mode when asked politely for an invite. It's not like they would loose anything, but it seems they consider themselves so elitist that only they should be allowed to wear those weaponry.

... and they don't even see the irony when they soon after complain about PUGs with inferior guns.
Elite fleet disruptors were accidentally put in the Federation starbase store for a while. I snagged a few. Then a patch took them out of the store. (I don't know why Cryptic are being such bastards about this, I'd love an Elite fleet Bat'leth for my Fed character, as Lirpas are beyond stupid looking).

There seems to be a real debate over which fleet's provisions get spent when someone shops at another fleet's base. Everyone I ask has a different answer to how that works. Obviously someone who isn't in any fleet can't shop at a starbase at all (at least not from a provisioned store).

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