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Originally Posted by turbommx1 View Post
Im just wondering if there are plans to help make plasma weapons more viable when season 7 comes out.

With the maco, honor guard and omega plasma resistance plasma has been put into that little box of pure pve and as such people wont go out of there way to get plasma weapons if they are wanting to do any form of pvp.

With the new romulan plasma weapons (just unlocked em and very nice btw ) availiable from the rep system are there any plans to address this at all?
Archoncryptic talks about the new science consoles available at the Romulan Embassy here:

Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
There are several variations on these new consoles.

Each console adds one property from each of these three categories:

Category 1: Either increased or decreased threat generation.

Category 2: A bonus to a Science skill, i.e. Starship Sensors.

Category 3: One of three additional powers.
a) 2.5% Chance to restore Shields when you are hit.
b) 2.5% Chance to restore Hull when you are hit.
c) 2.5% Chance to add a Plasma DoT on Directed Energy weapon attacks. (Essentially, adding the Plasma proc to a non-plasma weapon.) If your weapon is already a Plasma weapon, this adds Plasma damage to that weapon instead.

Thus, a sample item might have +threat generation, +starship sensors, and a 2.5 Chance whenever your shield is hit to proc a shield heal.
Category 3c is where you'll get an extra damage proc if you're already using plasma. I don't think it's quite what you're after, but it's probably the only improvement we'll see at launch.