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07-10-2009, 04:27 AM
1. awesome shots! they all look great

2. the Reman wearing a cape? well watch Nemesis. that Vireroy (who was a telepath) was wearing a cape too so it is possible for another person to become a viceroy

3. if you look closely you will notice 2 beams are orange while the 3rd is actually more yellow than the other two which could easily be the freighter trying to defend it's self (by targeting the cardassion ships weapons). since frieghters had weapons (they were crap but still had them) to help defend if they needed too

4. as for the lack of klingon?? well they might want to focus on Starfleet first and then start showing more about Klingons when more of the timeline is released so that it doesnt spoil anything nevermind the fact we are still far away from beta so there is PLENTY of time for them to release the stuff.

oh and if you know everything before launch then why play at all if you know everything about the game?? seriously im glad they are not showing klingon stuff so that i can actually discover and find it all out myself when i play the game!

edit: the starfleet guy has gold on his shoulders (could barely make it out)