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10-30-2012, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by izdubar6 View Post
These artificial dilithium barriers are perfect and brings the DOFF system in line with all the other less popular systems in the game. Too many people were doing nothing but DOFFing, now they will have to grind events like everyone else to make any progress in the game. I love it!
I love STO, I really do. However, I find thi statement difficult to reason with as I do a lot of doffing and less actual time-intensive playing because I simply don't have as much time as others might to do the grind events. I'm a LTS and I really wish I had more time to play, but that's why I enjoy doffing so much and the fact that I can use the upgrinder to improve my doffs makes me very happy. This business of making the process so much more expensive really hinders the time that I do have to enjoy the game. I hate it!