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10-30-2012, 09:44 AM
yesterday I was playing the episode in Hobus where you get attacked by a D'deridex at the end (the IRW Sitesh I think). I used Eject Warp Plasma II to halt it in it's tracks and then used Evasive maneuvers to get distance. I then got to the side of the ship (out ofr Torpedo and Heavy Cannon firing arcs). This is a solid tactic that should work. What happens? It fires volley of four Heavy Plasma Torpedos at me... at least 45 degrees out of any firing arc that could launch torps... it fired them anyway. My response was Fire At Will to destroy them, then my weapons go red and lose all power, my shields were still at 90%, my hull untouched, no shuttles were launched and no beam was used that could have droped my weapon power... it was just gone. I hit an Engine Battery to up engine power to escape, then my engines go red and I am dead in space, the torps hit and drop my shields and hull to zero (which is odd since torps are supposed to be weak against shields).

So it is obvious that NPC 'boss' ships are programed to be able to cheat, that their weapons fire in impossible arcs, and do damage not even MK XII Borg weapons can do.
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