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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
I've had it change many times before the bar fills the first time. I've had the same happen with the dilithium mining minigame, I'll line it up, the bar will fill half to three quarters, then the pattern will change and no points.
Just as Tacofangs said previously, this is caused by not matching the pattern quickly enough.

Each pattern is set to remain for x seconds, or until matched if that x seconds is exceeded. If you match the pattern in (x-5) seconds, then you will receive 5 seconds' worth of score before the pattern changes and must be re-matched. If you match the pattern in (x+5) seconds, it will change immediately upon being matched, without rewarding you any points.*

Speed is of the essence here, if you want to earn a high score. And I'd highly recommend using the arrow keys instead of the on-screen controls.

(* Using x because I don't know the actual timer length and don't want to give misinformation. Not trying to be sooper-sekrit.)
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