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10-30-2012, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
your going way to far i think. this new rep system is very good. with just i think they said 1 hour a week will get you to t5 in 90 days. this rep system is much better then the luck drop gozer gave. also kdf has awesome ships. what they are lacking is skilled players that dont use p2w. they are also lacking uni and skins and story lines.
So your argument is, 1hr a day "of PVE" on each of my 15 toons will get them all to T5 after 90 15hr days? And this method is easier than doing 10-15 (at about 10 minutes each) elite STFs with fellow PVPers to get the gear I want/need for my toons?

I'm all for more to do, and a more reliable way to acquire equipment so long as "PVP" is equally rewarded. As it is, as it has been, and obviously as it will remain ... you're rewarded NIL and are required to do PVE.

Not to mention they made PVP a repeat mission for DIL and the gates have been flooded with AFK d-bags. That should go back to kerrat so all those d-bags can hog up that zone and be worthless somewhere no will care.

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