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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
I'll have to give it a try with arrows, see how she fares. Then feedback more. TYhough i suspect the whole, "move just as you get it lined up" issue won;t go away. I understand why it's there on the mining, (it was put in for a dil reward event), but here it's just aggrevating .

Always use the keys and after about 5 minutes you'll be scoring between 700 and 900. The idea is that if your not fast enough you lose out on that chance to up your score. If you match quickly, it's all the more time to up your score. It takes literally a few minutes to become comfortable with it.

I do find that it is easier to get disoriented with the radiation minigame, I forget which line is mine to move and move it in the opposite direction. It is something I will adjust to.

Why are we even talking about this, is it behaving differently than the others? It is exactly the same as the DL, and Nukara mining minigame, just rehashed graphics and it seemed to work the same way when I tried it, but that was only for a second. I was disappointed that it is just a rehashed minigame instead of a new type of puzzle, though this type of puzzle does fit in well for matching radiation patterns so I can't fault that. Just looking for a new new minigame that is different without a new skin.
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