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10-30-2012, 10:36 AM
this thread is getting into some sort of useless discussion. The arguments of the OP are wrong and/or based on his interpretation (imagination) of Star Trek canon. Mainly it does not represent current gameplay in any way.
When i read through it again, it seems he is playing some other game.

yet a discussion that starts to circle has come out of it. Why?

why should cryptic start to redesign their tank class? Is there a vaid reason to do that? No, cruisers tank just fine.
Why should cruisers (the current tank class) do more dmg accross the board? Only because fans of the ships can use them as dmg dealers? The game is not intended to provide that, period.
Actually that isn't entirely true, since there are some cruisers that just do good dps...but that ofcourse takes experiance and playerskill...which most cruiser captain simply lack drastically.

to deal dmg with a cruiser just needs an above average captain to function, not a redesign of the class itself.
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