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10-30-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by izdubar6 View Post
I think this is a brilliant change on Cryptic's part. The less information players have the better the game becomes. People won't flock to the "busy" missions but will spread out to the more unpopular, but no less brilliant, events. This is social engineering at it's finest.
I think you have cause and effect mixed up. People don't think a mission is good because it has a high number of queued people; rather, a mission has a high number of queued people because it's good!

And pretty lamo on the part of Cryptic, really, to try and mask the fact that some (most?) of their missions suck. "Popularity thru obscurity" is not going to wash. People are not retarded. Nothing will change. People will still queue for "Fleet Alert," and avoid "Starbase 24."

The only thing that will change, really, is the fact that people will be more annoyed at Cryptic for masking an issue (bad missions and/or lack of new content), instead of *fixing* the problem. Too busy plotting for new lockbox schemes to do the latter, I guess.