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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Just curious, but for the kdfers worried about how the vesta will balance, how does the Kar'fi compare to it? It feels like a number of the 'broken' stuff is applicable to the Karfi as well. Cannons, boff layout, and pets. Dunno about the rest, though.
the karfi isn't really a sci ship, it is a full on carrier with 2 bays. its turn rate is 8, thats great for a carrier, and pretty good compared to fed cruisers. but it doesn't have SA, or subsystem targeting, and only an LT engineering station. it can energize very well with the varies pets it can use, and be extreamly deadly when used correctly. but it can be extreamly fragile, and has got to be the ugliest thing in game.

the vesta is going to be a sci ship with a hanger, a much better starting place. much more maneuverability, SA, and subsystem targeting. even if it just has 1 hanger, you only need 1 when you have runabouts to chain someone to death.
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