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Perhaps give cruisers all 3 team skills as inates with lower cd (to reflect their larger crews)
Interesting. Possibly give them a innate buff when using "Xteams" due to the larger crews.
I think the only one you can really justify buffing on cruisers is eng team mainly because it is the most practical. On the subject of crew and crew bonuses, what do you guys think of a higher crew recovery on cruisers as a large crew requires a large med-bay and a large medical crew complement.

Inate resist to power drain in general (more power production than the others and could thus compensate for drain)
Now this is a definate idea.....
Perhaps have a flat resist to them with a stacking boost when externally drained (like the Aegis sets reactive shields and/or sensor scan)

Just give cruiser torps a buff, give them a reason to lose beam DPS perhaps a cruiser only dual torp launcher? (could viably be mounted both ends due to ship size), escorts get dual cannons and DHCs why can't we have dual torp launchers?
Very interesting........
I'm thinking either straight 2 torps fired per cycle, this would be compensated for my escorts running HY, if we do this would it still be safe to have them affected by HY (spread would remain unaffected for obvious reasons) or should it be a high percentage of the standard yield per torp? If we do the former then I can imagine escort pilots complaining that HY is suddenly a MUST have skill but the latter has to potential to negate the whole idea if it isn't high enough... ideas?