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10-30-2012, 12:10 PM
Improving plasma is a tricky thing. As the Very high resists from the STF sets make it really skewed compared to everything else. Plasma Damage Vs Player with normal sets right now can be devastating if you increase the damage over time ability of the mines it drops. With a pyro sci build if you dont have plasma resist and catch mines in the face a torp spread and get warp plasma'ed its literately a "OMFG it BUUUURNS!". Also VS NPCs plasma damage is insane same said pyro build takes agro in most eliete stfs off of escorts once shields go down its out of the ballpark. Thats the problem with balancing plasma as That build VS a player using the STF sets is just simply competitive its not better and sightly more counterable than the average X energy type build.

So easiest way I see from a balance of powers (definatly not code) to fix it is to do the change along the lines of borg shoot Borg type damage and stf gear resists borg. Code wise thats probly a pain to change if I had to make a guess.
Other than that my guess would be lower the amount the Dot gets boosted from certain sci consoles and increase its proc rate for the energy weapons and take a pass at the mine damage dot(just a very small one, might not be needed if the boost from consoles is reduced.). Idea being you can make a burn build with something other than just torps and mines and it work well.