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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Just as Tacofangs said previously, this is caused by not matching the pattern quickly enough.

Each pattern is set to remain for x seconds, or until matched if that x seconds is exceeded. If you match the pattern in (x-5) seconds, then you will receive 5 seconds' worth of score before the pattern changes and must be re-matched. If you match the pattern in (x+5) seconds, it will change immediately upon being matched, without rewarding you any points.*

Speed is of the essence here, if you want to earn a high score. And I'd highly recommend using the arrow keys instead of the on-screen controls.

(* Using x because I don't know the actual timer length and don't want to give misinformation. Not trying to be sooper-sekrit.)
Is X different on certain patters? It takes me from .5 - 1 second to line up each pattern but sometimes I notice that the pattern will remain for a few seconds sometimes closer to 5 while other times it only remains for closer to 1 second before it changes again. I know its all anecdotal evidence but its at least enough to warrant the question.