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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
In my personal experience yes gear is not as required as many seem to think thanks to how the math in STO works and how easy the STFs are.
Indeed. When I was starting out with stfs on most of my toons I ran mk viii gear and was still doing more dps than a lot of other players. Thankfully I now run mk xii setups

Also those who tend to rage first tend to be the worst player of the group as far as setup goes. I just love people in CSE who freak out when a cube blows early because they are in a failboat setup that does nothing and don't even realize it.
Tbh, in my experience the worst players are the ones who run rainbow boats. Not only do they do pitiful damage, but it seems that they are the ones who will go and pop a cube early without realising the consequences. Mind you it's not always rainbow boats that are the problematic ones. Sometimes you'll get the "tac in a cruiser" running all AP beams who'll be the perp.

Btw, what do you guys think is the worst class/ship combo?
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