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10-30-2012, 01:59 PM
God ... some PvEers are just awful are the gamemode they should excel at.

How can some of you people have such fail builds? Learn to build a ship. Use the info from my siglink to learn how not to make garbage builds.


I was on CSE and these worthless grubs couldn't even handle Raptors or Bops.

I kept blowing up all spawns and Negs and I went to down a cube and when I come back, we're all overwhelmed. I foolishly assumed that 4 ships could have handled what 1 ship was doing eariler.

EliteSTFs are the pathetically easy with the right builds. They require almost no strategy beyond don't let the probes enter the vortex and protect the kang.

If you require any specialised strategies to beat Elite STFs, then you have an absolutely awful build.

You can power right through Infected Elite without even stopping other than to mop up the nanites.

Yesterday I was destroying the CSE spawns with a freaking plasma torpboat ffs! If a Sci Torpboat is outdamaging your Escort, something is drastically wrong with your build!