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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
These are nice ideas, but they won't happen.

The reason why the Dacoit, Varanus, etc, didn't get fleet variants is because they don't have an independent, dedicated universal console. They have in-built powers that can't be transferred. I don't have any idea why the f**k this means anything, but that's the logic that Cryptic threw out there when people started wondering why the KDF got shafted when it came to certain ships.
They throw a lot of logic* around, but thier accuracy with it still leaves something to be desired.

* Though the rumor mill/Conspiracy mill says that they did not make Fleet versions of the B'rel-R, Garumba, Kar'fi, or any of the other missing ships becuase it would make the KDF too powerful and the fed playerbase would get upset and not spend money. Remember, If a little OP sells lockboxes then it would make sense to make the majority playerbase " a little OP" to help sell things to them easier. Or so some of the more outlandish rumors have been saying....
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