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10-30-2012, 01:31 PM
Not only completly useless in most cases and overpowered in other it is just to speak frankly not cool.

Hit a button than fast hit another some effect is % better for a bit than what? 10 minutes cooldown?

For the tier 5 power it is so underwhelming for a lot of setups that it is pointless to even slot it on task bar, and with some sci builds you get "I Win" with 10 minutes cooldown...

On the top of the list of things that are easy to do, not overpowered and fun:

- Make it spawn an Romulan Warbird with very long up time, it spawns cloaked than decloaks and put a recorded message on the speaker (only yours) like: "We come to assist you friend" or whatever with nice cool background voice of going to red alert.
Typical npc isnt really strong and with cooldown of lets say 5 minutes it isn't spammable. The npcs cannot blow up but when its hull drops under 20% it cloaks and despawns with message like for example "We are badly damaged and need to pull back. Good luck" with some special effects of screaming crewmans and fires as the background noise.
It adds to immersion of you being buddy with romulans, isn't overpowered, and one nice npc can be usefull as a bit more dps and another target to shoot.

You can also add another power as an alternative selection that spawns Reman themed ship to assist you, with different equipment and powers than Romulan.

And there are loads of other stuff better than this science "five" seconds buff...