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Captain's Log
Stardate 23576.3
USS Carslile, Vice Admiral Dylan M. Lambert commanding

I have completed my report to Starfleet Tactical regarding the reports of a Borg Unamatrix being discovered in Federation space. My recommendations were as follows:

"With the recent discovery of the location of the Borg Queen in a nearby unimatrix complex and recon by the USS Carlisle, I can conclude that any operation must be highly coordinated, and should be composed of a task force of no less than 20 (twenty) large vessels supported by either runabouts or Peregrine class fighters. The task group should contain the following assets;
-2 (two) Galaxy class Dreadnought Cruisers
-1 (one) Venture class Dreadnought Cruiser
-9 (nine) Excelsior class cruisers
-10 (ten) Armitage class Heavy Escort Carriers and associated fighter groups
-1 (one) Flagship of a class to be allocated at the discretion of Starfleet Command

The fleet will be divided among support (Excelsior class), escort (Armitage) and crusiers (Flagship and Dreadnought cruisers). While the cruisers and escort vessels will be carrying standard weaponry, the Excelsior class vessels should be modified accordingly;
-4 (four) Antiproton turrets of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) Quantum mine launcher of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) Photon mine launcher of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) foward-mounted Photon Torpedo launcher if the Mk XII variety
-2 (two) foward-mounted Quantum Torpedo launchers of the Mk XII variety

Each dreadnought will form its own battlegroup composed of three Excelsior class vessels One vessel will shadow the dreadnought, while the other two will match the speed of the dreadnought off the port and starboard sides. The turrets will enable full coverage of the dreadnoughts from every angle by the Excelsior class vessels, and any disadvantages presented by weapons power should be eliminated by the 360 degree firing arc of the turrets, and further bolstered by the mine and torpedo launchers. Four of the Armitage class vessels will operate alongside the flagship, but the remaining six will be split between the battlegroups of each dreadnought, with fighters providing further cover for the dreadnoughts where the Excelsior cruisers cannot. The main goal should be for the dreadnoughts and Excelsior class vessels should be to engage the Borg Queen's vessel. All the carriers and fighters should engage any Borg vessel that threatens the dreadnoughts and their escorts, and are allowed to break formation if necessary. The Excelsior class vessels are not to break formation under any circumstance lest the dreadnoughts be left vulnerable. To provide easy escape, I recommend that the cloaking device used on the dreadnoughts be modified so the device can be applied to the other vessels not only to ease getting past the Borg defensive grid, but to provide another means of escape while avoiding detection by the Borg defenses.

To upload the fractal virus reccomended by Task Force Omega, I propose that a probe be modified to carry the virus and it be given automatic integration protocols. This will eliminate the need to risk ground forces in this operation."

While I believe the Klingons may prove helpful when dealing with the borg, I fear that any of their vessels or soldiers may turn on us the moment the fleet clears the Unamatrix. As a result, it is best to assure that the Klingons have no knowledge of this operation. While I wish to recommend that the Enterprise be used in the assault, such an operation only months after she was hurridly pressed into service would be foolhardy, leaving the USS Victory as my primary recomendation for flagship duty.

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