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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
why should cryptic start to redesign their tank class? Is there a vaid reason to do that? No, cruisers tank just fine.
Why should cruisers (the current tank class) do more dmg accross the board? Only because fans of the ships can use them as dmg dealers? The game is not intended to provide that, period.
Because a) any vessel beside shuttle can tank in endgame content in STO, b) endcontent is all about damage, c) for the the endcontent that is not purly about damage, the heal of an escort using power management is sufficent.

Actually that isn't entirely true, since there are some cruisers that just do good dps...but that ofcourse takes experiance and playerskill...which most cruiser captain simply lack drastically.
LoL, according to you any healer in this game lacks skil because he does no DPS in his cruiser.

to deal dmg with a cruiser just needs an above average captain to function, not a redesign of the class itself.
Of course, also cruiser can deal damage. But no cruiser, will deal more damage than an escort. So, an escort can tank endgame content as well as an cruiser, whats the point of flying a cruiser anyway?

It is nothing wrong with the damage of cruisers, however, escorts because of several "broken" powers are much to tanky.

Nerf escort tanking! The average escort pilot only needs to get the borg set, 3 blue+ shield dsitribution officer and set engine to full impuls.