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10-30-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Funny, my most recent post in this thread was deleted entirely.

This ends doff conversion, from the ground up. Period. Not only was it hard to work your way up when you're solo-ing it, trying to just get yourself enough doffs to run basic missions, but now you can't do that OR help out your fleet projects. From lower ranks trying to equip themselves with good doffs (after a year I still don't even have a majority of purples!) to every already-established player trying to contribute to base projects that require thousands of doffs per tier.

If you need to break out microscopes and micrometers to measure the speed of something, it is effectively stopped.

This effectively stops gameplay in many key areas, not the least of which is diplo/marauder xp to unlock transwarp destinations, or to unlock emergency holographic doffs in replicator, etc.

This is a game killer, as currently modeled on tribble.
You're absolutely right. As I've said, the dil 'tax' on the doffs will slow down so many things so much that they will all but completely stop moving at all. Knock a zero off the end of the prices and while it'd be unpleasant and unpopular, it'd at least be more managable.