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I was looking at some of my ship weapons and hangar items that should work for the Heavy Escort Carrier.

The text is updated with the following classifications for a non-Stalker Fed Hangar pet, for example:

Carrier, Escort Carrier, Multi-Mission Science Vessel

I know the MMSV is a new classification (possibly the Vesta), and the Carrier is obviously the Atrox. Logic suggests, then, that the Escort Carrier is what's currently named the Heavy Escort Carrier. I'll then assume that the classification for the Heavy Escort Carrier should now instead be "Escort Carrier" but the change wasn't made on the ship status screen (at least).

I'm seeing no problems with equipping the hangar pets, so I assume the same is true for weapons like Dual-Heavy Cannons (which also show up as red text where it lists what ships it can be used on).