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07-10-2009, 12:04 PM
First screen is nice but much like most of the others vague and confusing. What happened? Did they ram a ship? Were they hit? Did they destroy something and fly thorugh it? Cryptic must do this on purpose. "Look at all these nerds posting 400 times cuz they can't figure out what's going on! MUhuhahahaha!"

Second screen I don't even wanna talk about.

Third screen...... WORK ON THE SHIP TEXTURES! I don't wanna watch a movie, I wanna play a great game. We've been waiting for this game forever and I don't wanna be dissapointed by "Bridge Commander" or "Legacy" graphics. The only reason BC became good was after when all the brilliant independent coders started working on it. They made beautiful ships, stunning damage effects and gorgeous backrounds. Use that. This is looking good but we all want GREAT! No, PERFECT actually. A major flaw of the Cardi ship firing is that one of the beams is coming out through the top of the bridge. Doesn't look good.

Please don't use animated deaths. Use a simple ragdoll physics base. Animation looks cheap.

For all you people complaining about no klingon content, I hear you. I'd like to see more as well. But as the game doesn't look to be coming out till the summer.....of 2409, you guys can be satisfied with the ONE video trailer they've released which constantly shows klingons and borg whooping the Feds around like they're target practice. Cuz apparently the Feds are defensless little dorks with crayon colored uniforms. I'd like to see a Klingon ship get blasted. Too much you say? Of course it is.

All in all good job cryptic. I'm only an a$$ cuz I want this game to be perfect. Other than that, you've got the right idea.