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Given the radically different ways in which each energy type's proc behaves, it's not as easy as comparing one to another directly.

Phaser: Immunity period applies to all subsystems. (I could potentially foresee limiting the immunity to the single subsystem that was disabled, but this immunity appears to be working as intended at this time.) Resistances reduce the System Offline duration.

Disruptor: Successive procs replace the prior debuff. So getting two procs in short succession is fairly ineffective. It simply refreshes the debuff timer. Damage Resistances can offset the debuff.

Plasma: Successive procs simply deal more damage, and stack with prior procs without directly interacting with them. Considering how easily they are cleansed, and the fact that they do not impede functionality of the target, this is considered acceptable functionality. Damage Resistance can offset the DOT, and it can be cleansed using Hazard Emitters.

Tetryon: Successive procs simply deal more damage. Each is an instant effect. Power Insulators skill reduces the amount drained per proc.

Polaron: There are two aspects to these energy drain procs:

1) Reduces max power level in all subsystems for 5 seconds.
-- This effect does not stack. If you are hit a 2nd time within that 5 second period, the new proc refreshes the 5 second timer. Maximum energy levels do not fall further than the amount dictated by any single proc.
2) Reduces current power level in that same subsystem instantly.
-- Successive procs will temporarily reduce your power below the already-reduced max, but you will instantly begin regaining power up to the reduced threshold dictated by the 1st effect of the proc.

Polaron Proc #1 =
1) -10 Max Power
2) -10 Current Power
Polaron Proc #2 (2 seconds later) =
1) Max Power Unchanged, timer reset to 5 seconds
2) -10 Current Power (putting you at -20 total), but you instantly begin regaining energy back up to the -10 threshhold.

For both effects, Power Insulators can be used to reduce the amount of debuff applied. EPS skill can offset the temporary drain caused by successive procs.
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