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10-30-2012, 03:39 PM
Anything but plasma.

No, seriously. Pick the weapon type that you most prefer based on any set bonuses you may have (i.e. Jem'Hadar boosts Polaron) or based on which proc you prefer most (phaser: disable subsystem, tetryon: reduce shields, etc).

For STFs, though, you'll want at least very rare mk XIs, an you'll want to maximize your effective damage output. That means take all one type (phaser, tetryon, whatever you like) and maximize your consoles so that you get the most boost for that type.

This also means maximizing your boff setup so that you can survive and do damage at the same time. For escorts this means damage-dealing skills. For cruisers, repair or healing skills, etc.

STFs aren't about any 1 type of weapon as much as an overall effectiveness that you need. Work the borg sector encounters first to test your capabilities. Then when you're able to do that move on to NORMAL STFs. NOT elites. NORMAL first. Don't screw up the games at elite level for others until you know what to do.

So overall: It's about not screwing things up for the folks that are looking for serious borg tech drops. If you die too much you're screwing the team over. If you're not doing as much damage as your particular build can, you're screwing your team over. If you're not working to the mission goals and pitching in, because you don't know what to do, or don't know what 10% means, you're screwing the team. If you have all those bases covered, you shouldn't have any problems.