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10-30-2012, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Don't mean to go too off-topic, but the Tet proc is effectively useless in-game. The drain doesn't scale with the Mark, and it's far too small to be of any use with the proc rate. This is especially true in ground, where personal shields are usually gone by the time it procs. Consider reworking Tetryon, please.
Tetryon for space is boosted by flow caps skill, I've gotten over 700 a proc. It also effects Polaron amount fyi.

Regarding Disruptor proc, I haven't tested in awhile, but I thought it was cleared by TT?

Keep in mind weapon procs are passive abilities. There's a force multiplier when grouped w/4 other players and or their pets which is why these things are generally being toned down.