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10-30-2012, 03:47 PM
Captain's Log, supplemental;

The engineers have finished stripping down the runabout in the hangar and are hard at work perfecting the false negative device. It will be risky, but if it works, the strike team will be able to slip in totally unnoticed.

The operation will be simple enough. My ship, the Wild Hunt, will be part of a substantial attack force to be sent against the Borg Queen's Diamond. During the battle, we will launch the stripped-down runabout right at the Diamond. It will have no warp core, barely enough deuterium for impulse power, no weapons, and apparently no life signs. A complete non-threat. At least, if the false negative device does its job.

Inside the runabout in actuality will be a team of five MACOs and two members of the KDF Honor Guard. The false negative device is really just a jamming device tuned specifically to adapt to Borg scanners. It was something that was cooked up by the old anti-Borg task force for this very type of missions, taken out of mothballs. It will only be able to keep up with Borg sensor modulations for a short time, but it should last long enough for the team to get inside and inject the fractal virus. Each team member has a copy on a small driver, but in an additional and macabre precaution suggested by the Honor Guard, each of their bodies contains a small device that also contain the virus. Should any one of them be assimilated and all their drivers somehow destroyed, the payload will still be delivered. The Honor Guard also have a sort of suicide trigger in theirs that will kill them as soon as the device finishes its primary objective.

On a personal note... though I do not condone any type of suicide for any reason, I would by lying if I said I didn't understand why they would do such a thing. I know far more about the assimilation process than I would like to... They'll be saving themselves a great deal of pain.

Back to business. The assault force will be mostly members of the Strategic Command, the fleet stationed closest to the region the Queen is suspected to be. Admiral Rimmer and the Red Dwarf will be leading the attack. Vice Admiral Ohnx and the Raleigh will be acting as his second-in-command. Captains Jexsam and Zhenya of the V'nashir and Uriel Septim VII respectively will be acting primarily as my ship's bodyguards, to ensure we are not destroyed before launching the payload. In all, thirty-five ships will be taking part, including three new Chimera-class destroyers still fresh out of Utopia Planetia.


I've just finished a lengthy discussion with the shipyard's quartermaster. The new hull plating has been fully installed, and we're being allowed back on board. I'll miss the old white plating, but this new outfitting is much more resistant to cutting beams. We're one of the last ships off the line for this new outfitting. In less than forty-eight hours we'll be joining the task force.

May whatever god or gods are listening have mercy on our souls.

~Captain Endraea "Ender" Rene Pritchard, U.S.S. Wild Hunt, Armitage-class