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10-30-2012, 03:59 PM
Another idea:
Since we can go from
Anywhere > Your Ship Interior
Why not allow someone to pick where to go when they leave their bridge?
Your Ship Interior > one of (Last Map), (Last map's sector), (Last map's system), (Anything accesible from last map's system)

For example, if I went to my bridge from First City, valid exits would be:
First City (Last map)
Qo'noS System (contains First City)
KDF Academy (accessible from system)
KDF Shipyard (accessible from system)
Omega Leonis Block (contains Qo'noS System)

Unrelated: Is it possible to rename bridges such that they don't show as "Standard Bridge", "Kirom Bridge", etc, but "USS Beta Feighlioch Bridge", "AKS Gik'tal Bridge"?